5 Factors to Balance When Choosing New Tires in Gilbert AZ

Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that contacts the road, which makes them extremely important. However, not all tires are created equally. This can make choosing the best tires for your vehicle a challenging process. Fortunately, the experts at APA Total Car Care in Gilbert AZ can help.

At APA Total Car Care, we offer a wealth of auto repair services as well as tire service and repair solutions. Among those is our world-class consultative approach to helping you find the best set of tires in Gilbert AZ for your needs and driving habits. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the top factors you will need to balance when choosing new tires in Gilbert AZ.

5 Factors to Balance When Choosing New Tires in Gilbert AZ

Tire Expectancy vs Tire Performance vs Tire Ride

Each tire will have a different life expectancy. Usually, this expectancy is measured in miles. Tires that usually have a shorter lifespan will usually be manufactured for a smoother ride or for superior performance. Based on your unique budget, driving habits, and needs, it’s important to strike the perfect balance between tire performance, tire expectancy, and tire ride

Price of Tires Matter

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. And tires are no different. When considering factory tires or aftermarket tires, it’s important to choose a set of tires within your budget. However, you should also understand that less expensive tires may not have the life expectancy, performance rating, or smoothness of more expensive tires. Fortunately, APA Total Car Care offers a host of tires for virtually every budget and will match you with the perfect solution.

Ride Noise of Tires Matter

Every tire produces a certain level of noise. Some tires, however, will generate more noise than others. Why? Usually, it’s the tread design. If road noise is a high priority for you, speak to an expert at APA Total Car Care for quieter tires. 

Style and Ride Quality of the Tires

Whether you want an elegant look, modern appeal, sporty style, or rugged capability, the team at APA Total Car Care can find the perfect tire package. It’s important to know different tire styles may offer different performances. For instance, a low-profile tire looks amazing and can deliver bolstered handling capabilities. However, these tires may have a shorter tread life, produce a rougher ride, are more prone to damage, and are more expensive. 

The Speed Rating of the Tire 

Each tire is assigned a letter rating that determines the speed it can travel for extended periods of time. When considering speed ratings, you should always choose tires based on you and your driving habits. 

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Finding the perfect balance of tire attributes and your budget can be tough. For some, it can seem outright impossible. Fortunately, the team at APA Total Car Care specializes in matching your unique needs, driving habits, and budget to the perfect set of tires. As the leading auto repair facility in Gilbert AZ, we pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions at an affordable price. 

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