7 Awesome Facts About Tires You've Never Considered

As the only part of your vehicle that contacts the road, the importance of your tires can’t be overstated. Yet, when most people think of the most important components, tires rarely make the list. In fact, most drivers in Gilbert AZ rarely think twice about the tires — until there’s a problem. Besides, tires are nothing but rubber, right? Without any mechanical components or moving parts, your tires are simple.

However, there’s much more to your tires than what meets the eye. Let’s look at a few facts about tires you’ve never considered. And if you need tires, tire alignments, tire rotations, or any other auto care service, the experts at APA Total Car Care in Gilbert AZ can and will help.

Picture of car tire in auto shop

Tires Have a Colorful History

Did you know the original tires were white? To strengthen the original tires, manufacturers would add zinc oxide to the rubber, which would turn them white. To further strengthen their durability and longevity, manufacturers then added carbon black. Combining the best of both worlds, white wall tires were first introduced in 1914 when a white zinc wall was combined with a carbon black tread.

Tires With Alignment Issues Are Expensive

Tires with alignment issues can be expensive. For starters, a vehicle that has improper alignment can use 10% more fuel than it needs to. At the same time, tires with alignment issues will experience a reduced lifespan. If your wheels are out of alignment by just 1/8th of an inch, your tires can experience a staggering 20% extra wear. In the end, a tire alignment or wheel alignment is a key preventative maintenance service you shouldn’t skip.

The Tire Tread Lines Are Called Sipes

All tires are designed with slits or slices that are called sipes. These slices spread and close to effectively grip the road as you drive. They also work to safely channel water away from your vehicle as you’re traversing over snowy or wet roads. This innovation was created by a butcher to reduce slippage on bloody floors. After cutting slits in his boots, he immediately discovered improved grip and traction.

Run Flat Tires Do Just That

Although it can seem natural for tires to need air, this isn’t always the case. Manufacturers have leveraged cutting-edge technology to create tires that are puncture resistant. These tires do not hold air at all. Many run-flat tires can travel just over 100 miles after losing tire pressure.

Old Tires Create Volumes of Waste

Each year, over 250 million used tires are discarded and thrown away. Fortunately, recycling programs are designed to melt old tires down and turn them into items like asphalt, garden mulch, and even new tires. If you’re looking to get rid of old tires, the best solution is to take your old tires to your local Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Gilbert AZ. It’s located at 2224 E Queen Creek Road in Gilbert AZ.

Do You Think Your Tires Are Expensive? Think Again

So, do you think a new set of tires for your vehicle in Gilbert, AZ is expensive? They most likely pale in comparison to a new set of tires for the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. A new set of Michelin tires for this supercar can easily cost around $42,000. These specially formulated tires are rated to withstand a whopping 258 miles per hour.

Tire Pressure Changes Are Caused by Water in Gilbert AZ

The seasonal change from summer to winter in Gilbert, AZ will almost always cause a change in your tire pressure. Many estimates suggest you can expect a 1 to 2-degree PSI drop for every 10-degree drop in temperature. This change in tire pressure is due to water vapor in your tires, which is more sensitive and reactive to temperature changes than the surrounding air. This causes variations in hot and cold air pressure. If you want to avoid seasonal changes in tire pressure, consider filling your tires with nitrogen. Nitrogen doesn’t have water vapor, so the tire pressure holds steady.

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