A Guide to the Different Types of Brake Repairs and Service

Your car’s brakes are among the most important of your vehicle’s many mechanical systems. They’re also one of the few systems that can put you in immediate danger if they malfunction. Despite that fact, not every driver in Gilbert AZ fully understands how their car’s brakes work.

Fortunately, the team at APA Total Car Care in Gilbert AZ can help. At APA Total Car Care in Gilbert AZ, we believe that an informed customer is the best customer. As such, here’s a guide to different kinds of brake repairs and brake service solutions.


Car brake repairing in garage at auto repair service center

Common Brake Service #1: Brake Pad and Shoe Replacement in Gilbert AZ

The most common type of brake repair is brake pad replacement. Or, on older vehicles, a brake shoe replacement. Brake pads and shoes are the components of a brake system that generate the friction required to slow and eventually stop your vehicle. They’re consumable parts, though, that wear down over time.

When your car’s brake pads or shoes wear out, your car loses stopping power. The solution is to bring your car in for a new set of brake pads or shoes. It’s not a difficult job, but one that requires precision and care. If your car’s brake pads aren’t installed properly, it could compromise your vehicle’s ability to stop when you need it to.

Common Brake Service #2: Rotor Service in Gilbert AZ

Brake pads are only one of the brake system parts that generate stopping power. Your car’s rotors are the other part. They’re the smooth surface the brake pads come into contact with when you step on your brake pedal. The resulting friction stops your car in Gilbert AZ or anywhere else. Your rotors typically last between 50,000 and 70,000 miles.

Worn-out rotors don’t provide a smooth surface for the brake pads to grip. When that happens, you’ll lose stopping power and will often feel a vibration in your steering wheel when you try to stop. In some cases, it’s possible to resurface an existing rotor to return it to good working order. Sometimes, however, the only solution to a worn-out rotor is to replace it with a new one.

Common Brake Service #3: Brake Fluid Checks in Gilbert AZ

Modern cars feature hydraulic brake systems. That means they rely on a liquid—called brake fluid—to provide the force needed to stop your car. Most of the time, your car’s brake fluid will do its job without problems. However, if your brake system develops a leak or the brake fluid itself gets contaminated with dirt or other substances, you may experience brake trouble.

A brake fluid check is a service where the mechanic checks both the brake fluid level and its condition. If your car needs brake fluid, the mechanic will add it. If your brake fluid’s worn out or contaminated, they’ll replace it. Or, if the mechanic discovers a brake fluid leak, they’ll fix the problem before refilling the fluid.

Common Brake Service #4: Master Cylinder Replacement in Gilbert AZ

Your car’s master cylinder is the part of its brake system that divides and delivers the hydraulic force to your front and rear brakes. It’s built to last for your car’s lifetime, but sometimes, a malfunction or leak might mean you’ll need a replacement. To do it, a mechanic in Gilbert AZ needs to drain all of the brake fluid from your brake system first.

Once they do, they’ll then disconnect your brake fluid sensor and brake fluid lines. Then, they’ll install the new master cylinder, partially fill the system with brake fluid, and use it to drive any trapped air out of the new part. Once that’s finished, they’ll complete the job by topping off your brake fluid and bleeding your brake lines to be certain they’ve left no air bubbles behind.

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