How can I make my car last longer?

There is a way to give back to your loyal ride anyway and ensure that it lasts far longer than you’ve ever expected: regular maintenance.

Transmission Maintenance

Gear selector in a car that includes wood accents and an aluminum trim

No one is ever prepared for the high cost of replacing a vehicles transmission.Vehicle owners can prevent costly repairs buy having their transmission servicedat manufacturers recommended intervals. If you fall behind on thatsimply bring your vehicle in for a check-up and let us keep you informed of your car or trucks condition.We can determine if a […]


Batteries are a huge part of modern life.  I mean, how many battery chargers do you have? Of course, our purpose here is to talk about your car battery.  When people come into our service center and need a new battery, they’re not that happy about having to spend the money.  But the fact is […]


If you’re a quart low, there isn’t enough oil to lubricate your engine properly.  The extra friction causes drag that reduces fuel economy. Same goes for dirty oil.  It doesn’t reduce friction properly.  The result is you get to watch those numbers at the gas pump rolling higher and higher. The transmission also needs the […]