Chill Out Your Engine With a Coolant Fluid Flush

Owning a car gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. But as we all learned from Aunt May, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And one of your responsibilities as a car owner is maintenance. 

While most drivers in Gilbert, AZ and Queen Creek, AZ are fully informed of the standard oil change, this is only the beginning. One often overlooked service your vehicle requires is a coolant fluid flush. This is especially important in Arizona, where the heat is enemy #1 for your vehicle. 

High Temperatures and Your Car’s Engine 

When left in the heat, your car seats reach a blazing temperature of 123 in the summer. The average dashboard temp can be 157. As if these weren’t hot enough, the usual operating temperatures underneath the hood can be as high as 220.

Your car’s cooling system is all that stands between your engine and the punishing effects of that heat. By getting a coolant fluid change at regular intervals, you’re helping your car stay cool

Chill Out Your Engine With a Coolant Fluid Flush | Ace Performance in Gilbert, AZ & Queen Creek, AZ. Closeup image of a naked radiator being repaired in an auto garage shop.

Fortunately, the team at APA Total Car Caremotive in Gilbert, AZ and Queen Creek, AZ can help. We specialize in performing a range of preventative maintenance services on virtually all makes and models of vehicles. 

Let’s look at coolant fluid flush.

What Is a Coolant Fluid Flush?

In the old days, cars relied on water to carry and dissipate heat away from engines towards the radiator. 

Today’s modern vehicle utilizes specially formulated coolant fluid. It’s a mixture of ethylene glycol, water, and protective engine additives. It can absorb more heat than plain water and keeps today’s high-performance engines from overheating.

The trouble is, coolant fluid doesn’t last forever. Over time, the key nutrients are used up, and the fluid’s quality degrades due to extreme operating temperatures. 

Therefore, you’ve got to replace it with fresh coolant from time to time. During a coolant fluid change, our experienced mechanic will flush out the old coolant and replace it with a fresh coolant.

How to Prevent Your Car from Overheating in Arizona with Ace Performance Auto in Gilbert, AZ & Queen’s Creek, AZ. Image of a man on the phone calling for help for his overheating car.The Importance of a Coolant Fluid Change

When you bring your car for a coolant fluid flush, you’re helping your engine run cooler for longer. 

But that’s not all. You’ll also be:

  • Eliminating rust and scale deposits in the cooling system
  • Adding lubricating compounds to keep your water pump running
  • Preventing your car’s coolant from turning acidic
  • Minimizing the wear on your radiator hoses

In short, a coolant fluid flush in Queen Creek, AZ or Gilbert, AZ removes harmful substances and keeps your car ready for the road ahead.

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Your vehicle is the second largest investment you’ll make. It only makes sense to protect it with regular preventative maintenance. This includes coolant fluid change. 

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