Get Your Car Ready for Fall with Auto Repair in Gilbert, AZ

Although Arizona boasts bright blue skies more often than not, fall storms are not entirely uncommon. To avoid getting stuck in a car ill-equipped to handle the monsoons, it’s best to get your fall car care completed at the start of the season. With a trip to our auto repair shop in Gilbert, AZ, you can easily handle all the most crucial seasonal vehicle maintenance tasks. Here’s how our team at APA Total Car Care can help.

Headlight Restoration

As the hot Arizona sun beams down brightly, it wreaks havoc on your headlight lenses. Then, before you know it, they’re cloudy and dull, barely letting enough light through to illuminate your way. Thankfully, you can get that fixed without replacing the headlights by having our techs scrub the oxidation away. The headlight restoration process leaves the lenses looking new so that you can see the path ahead.

Get Your Car Ready for Fall with Auto Repair in Gilbert AZ with Ace Performance Automotive. image of Sedona AZ desert sunset in October

Wiper Replacement

The sunshine is no friend to your windshield wipers, either. Most cars in Arizona end up with dry, brittle wipers by the end of summer, making it difficult to wipe the rain off the windshield. Instead, the wipers tend to smear the water around, so you cannot see the road. So, it’s wise to have your wipers replaced at the beginning of fall and then again as spring rolls around. While doing that service, your tech will also fill up your windshield washer fluid to ensure you can clean your windshield on the go.

Tire Services

As your tire tread wears out, your car might start to have trouble pushing standing water out of the way on your travels. Without that ability, your car will likely hydroplane out of control whenever there’s standing water on the roadway. You can avoid all that trouble by having your tires inspected at the beginning of autumn. Your mechanic will let you know if it’s time to replace your tires, get a tire rotation, or have your wheels aligned.

Brake Repair

When the rain starts to fall, your brakes have to work double time to scrub off the speed. Unfortunately, if your pads and rotors have reached their service limits, they may not stand up to the demands, resulting in poor stopping power. For that reason, you must have your brakes inspected and repaired regularly. Your tech needs to measure the brake rotors and pads to see if they’re in spec. If not, then it’s time for brake service.

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