Chill Out! Here's How to Prevent Your Car from Overheating in Arizona

If you were to ask most people what word they most associate with Arizona, there’s a good chance they’d say “heat.” 

After all, it’s not unusual for the temperature in Gilbert or Queen’s Creek, AZ to topple 100-degrees in the summer

Once the first 100-degree day hits in summer, the mechanics at APA Total Car Care will receive calls about preventing cars from overheating and cooling system malfunction.

While an overheating car in Queen’s Creek or Gilbert, AZ isn’t unusual, it doesn’t have to be your experience. There are several simple steps you can take today to keep it cool. 

Let’s take a closer look at how you can prevent your car from overheating.

How to Prevent Your Car from Overheating in Arizona with Ace Performance Auto in Gilbert, AZ & Queen’s Creek, AZ. Image of a man on the phone calling for help for his overheating car.

Get Regular Coolant Changes to Prevent Overheating

One of the biggest reasons for car overheating is when coolant is too low or compromised to do its job. 

The general rule of thumb is to get a coolant flush and refill roughly every 30,000 miles. However, the extreme temperatures of Arizona necessitate more frequent coolant services. 

Fortunately, APA Total Car Care can help. APA Total Car Care offers two convenient locations in Arizona: Gilbert and Queen’s Creek

Our expert mechanics will flush your vehicle’s coolant, refill it, and check the system for potential signs of trouble no matter which location you visit. 

Moreover, APA Total Car Care only utilizes high-quality coolant specially formulated for smoldering temperatures in Gilbert and Queen’s Creek, AZ.

Avoid Car Overheating by Modifying Your Driving Habits

Believe it or not, the average car can handle prolonged highway trips in the heat better than a handful of short, stop-and-go drives. It’s because traveling at high speed maximizes airflow through your car’s engine, helping it to stay cool. 

By contrast, stop-and-go traffic forces your car to work harder without the benefit of the added airflow. You’re also more likely to turn up your car’s air conditioning to combat the heat in the car’s cabin, further straining your engine.

If you’re driving in the Gilbert or Queen’s Creek areas in the summer, try to plan your trips with these things in mind: 

  • Incorporate some downtime between destinations. 
  • Park your car in a shady spot at each stop when you can to allow for maximum cooldown between uses. 

These steps may seem simple, but using them can help prevent your car from overheating.

Pay Attention to the Temperature Gauge

Although most people know their car has a temperature gauge, not many pay attention to it at all. Ignoring it can be at your peril. 

Your vehicle’s temperature gauge can provide a valuable warning before your car overheats. The temperature gauge in a car will begin to creep up long before you notice any other signs of overheating.

Spot unusual temperature increases before they reach the danger zone. You’ll have the opportunity to pull over and allow your car to cool down. 

This can make a difference between being stranded and getting to a destination (albeit with a few stops along the way).

Contact APA Total Car Care for Expert Auto Repair

When it comes to your vehicle, an ounce of maintenance is worth pounds of cure. Having regular vehicle maintenance is more affordable than having a costly radiator repair. 

APA Total Car Care offers a full range of solutions designed to prevent your vehicle from overheating. If your car overheats, we have the tools and expertise to repair it properly.

Contact APA Total Car Care for an appointment today.