3 Simple Steps You Can Take to Help Prevent Expensive Auto Repair in Gilbert, AZ

As the second-largest purchase most of us will make in our lifetimes, our vehicles are essential. As such, you must pay your vehicle the proper attention and care it deserves. Simply put, when you take care of your vehicle, it will be more likely to take care of you. Failure to do so can lead to untimely, expensive, and potentially dangerous mechanical failures. 

However, at APA Total Car Care in Gilbert, AZ, we are here to help. While we are an auto repair shop, we pride ourselves on helping our clients save time and money. One of the top ways we do that is by informing our clients of the steps to prevent the more expensive auto repairs in Gilbert, AZ. Without ado, here are our simple top steps you can take to avoid more expensive auto repair. 

Prevent Auto Repair By Following the Maintenance Schedule

3 Simple Steps You Can Take to Help Prevent Expensive Auto Repair in Gilbert AZ with Ace Performance Automotive; image of purple sedan up on lift in shop bay with our 2 mechanics performing auto repair underneath

Every vehicle is different. And each car has a manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule designed to serve as the golden source for how to care for your car. If you’re looking to prevent expensive auto repairs, the first step is to follow your maintenance schedule to the letter. Examples of general services included in scheduled maintenance include:

Replace Your Brake Pads to Avoid More Expensive Auto Repair

Do you hear a squealing sound or grinding sound when you press the brakes? If so, your brake pads are most likely on their last leg. Each time you press the brakes, your brake pads will generate friction to help you stop. In doing so, a small amount of material is lost each time. Eventually, they wear thin and need to be replaced. Failure to change your brake pads can cause your more expensive rotor to break or warp. It can also cause damage to your brake calipers and other components. Simply put, changing your brake pads is a must-do maintenance item that can save you thousands later down the road. 

Schedule a Coolant Flush to Prevent Auto Repair & Save Money

Your vehicle relies on several different fluids. Whether it’s transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, oil, or any other fluid — these liquids are imperative. Over time, however, these fluids lose their ability to perform the intended task. At the same time, these fluids tend to pick up debris, metal flakes, rust, scales, and other deposits.

A coolant flush is a service where all the old fluid is drained out and new, nutrient-rich fluid is replaced. A fluid flush is a necessary maintenance item that cleans varnish, gum, sludge while removing potentially harmful deposits and dirty oxidized fluid. Failure to have regular fluid flushes can lead to auto repair bills that range from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. 

Contact APA Total Car Care Performance for Expert Maintenance and Auto Repair

In the end, the sentiment — an ounce of maintenance is worth pounds of cure — remains valid. In other words, it’s much more cost-effective to have regularly scheduled maintenance than it is to have auto repair. However, even when you have maintenance performed as suggested, your vehicle may still experience mechanical failures. When this happens, the team at ace performance auto can help. We are the leading facility for auto repair in Gilbert, AZ. We offer a full range of general auto repairs, tire services, diesel auto repair, and more. 

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