Suspension Service and Repair: What You Need to Know

Few things are worse than driving a vehicle where you feel every bump in the road. Needless to say, your vehicle’s suspension is important. However, the suspension is about much more than a matter of comfort. It can be a matter of safety. At APA Total CAre in Gilbert AZ, we offer a full range of suspension service and repair solutions for most vehicles. Let’s take a closer look at suspension service and repair and what you need to know about this critical system. And if you need auto repair in Gilbert AZ, don’t hesitate to contact APA Total Car Care.

Your Suspension System in a Nutshell

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Your vehicle’s suspension system is a complex network of shock-absorbing parts, including dampers and springs. These components work together to ensure you enjoy a smooth and safe drive by absorbing energy from different bumps. Instead of being jolted every time you drive over a pothole, divot, or bump, the suspension dampens the impact. 

At the same time, your suspension and steering system helps ensure your tires stay in contact with the road. The main parts of a suspension system include:

  • Coil Springs. Coil springs absorb the impact of the vibrations whenever your vehicle makes contact with bumps or the road. 
  • Shock Absorbers. Also called shocks or dampers, they support the coils whenever your vehicle encounters bumps. 
  • Linkages/Rods. Rods and linkages are tasked with securely connecting the many parts of your suspension system to each other. 
  • Bearings and Joints. Joints and bearings allow other suspension parts and components to glide and move easily. 
  • Anti-Sway Bar. This part helps shift the movement of your wheels relative to the steering wheel. It helps stabilize the direction your vehicle moves along the road. 

The Important Connection Between Suspension and Steering in Gilbert AZ

In addition to absorbing bumps and ensuring a smooth ride, your suspension and steering systems are intimately connected. In fact, the suspension system is paramount to your ability to control and steer your vehicle. If you need suspension service and repair in Gilbert AZ, you may notice your vehicle’s steering pulls to one side or the other. 

It can make it harder to stay in the proper lane because you’ll have to change how you adjust your steering wheel. While inconvenience is one attribute, it can be dangerous. When you need suspension service and repair in Gilbert AZ, your reaction times may be slower, which can increase the likelihood of you causing a collision in Gilbert AZ. 

A Damaged Suspension System Can Cause More Expensive Auto Repair in Gilbert AZ

One often overlooked outcome of ignoring the need for suspension service and repair is the additional damage it can cause. Specifically, a damaged suspension system will not be able to protect the undercarriage of your vehicle from the impact of potholes and bumps. It can also cause more expensive damage to other parts. For example, failing to have timely suspension service and repair can cause uneven tire treads, which means you’ll have to replace your tires sooner than normal. 

How Do I Know I Need Suspension Service and Repair in Gilbert AZ?

Like most components on your vehicle, there are several distinct signs your vehicle may demonstrate when you need suspension service and repair in Gilbert AZ. It’s imperative to always pay attention to any changes in the performance and handling of your vehicle. Some of the most common signs of suspension service and repair drivers in Gilbert AZ experience include:

  • A squealing noise whenever you turn your steering wheel
  • A grinding noise whenever you turn your steering wheel
  • Tire damage and uneven wear
  • A shaking or vibrating steering wheel
  • Pulling or drifting turns
  • Increased difficulty steering
  • A rougher riding vehicle

Contact APA Total Car Care for the Best Auto Repair in Gilbert AZ

Your suspension and steering system are quintessential parts of your vehicle. They directly affect your ability to steer, maneuver, and enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. As such, it’s important to have the necessary suspension service and repairs as needed. And the mechanic at APA Total Car Care can help. If your vehicle demonstrates any of the previously mentioned signs, it’s important to have an inspection. After the inspection, the mechanic at APA Total Care will explain the findings and offer you the most cost-effective suspension service and repair. 

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