The Benefits of Regular Car Tune Ups

If you’ve ever heard someone play an old, out-of-tune piano, you probably know it’s an unpleasant experience at best. Now imagine they were driving the piano instead. Your car’s infinitely more complex than a piano, and it should come as no surprise that it also needs occasional tuning to keep running at its best. A tune up is a key preventative maintenance service your car depends on.

Fortunately, the mechanic at APA Total Car Care specializes in performing fast and precise car tune up services and auto repair in Queen Creek AZ. As the premier center for auto repair in Queen Creek AZ, we regularly educate our customers on the importance of having a regular tune up. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top benefits you stand to gain when you have tune ups and preventative maintenance in Queen Creek AZ.

close-up of car engine due for tune-up

Tune Up Services in Queen Creek AZ Prevent Costly Repairs

Every time you bring your car in for a tune up, we’ll go over all of your engine’s major components to look for signs of wear and tear. If something’s loose, we’ll tighten it. If something’s broken, we’ll let you know so you can have it replaced. Those little things can add up to big savings on more costly repairs down the road. And even though we’re the top provider of auto repair in Queen Creek AZ, we’d much rather see you on a non-emergency basis.

Save Money with Tune Ups in Queen Creek

With gas prices on the rise in Queen Creek AZ, higher than ever before, not many people can afford to waste gasoline. However, that’s just what your engine will do if you don’t bring it in for a tune up from time to time. How much will you save? According to research, tune ups and preventative maintenance can net you an average of 4% increase in fuel economy. That may not sound like much, but at today’s gas prices, it adds up in a hurry—and every bit helps.

Tune Ups Can Prevent You From Being Stranded in Queen Creek AZ

Every time you go for a drive, you’re counting on your car to get you where you’re going and back without any problems. A car with a neglected engine may not do that. Regular tune ups keep your engine running well but also offer experts like the team at APA Total Car Care a chance to find and fix other problems you may not know about. That can help you avoid getting stranded by the side of a road instead of getting to where you’re going one day.

Decrease Emissions with Regular Tune Ups in Queen Creek AZ

If you haven’t noticed by now, it keeps getting hotter and drier here in Queen Creek AZ, every year. Your car’s engine isn’t helping matters every time you go out for a drive—especially if it’s not in peak operating condition. Getting it tuned up from time to time helps to keep your car’s emissions as low as possible. While it won’t eliminate them completely, every bit of exhaust you can keep out of our atmosphere is worth it.

Improve Your Resale Value with Regular Vehicle Tune Ups 

Even though they’ve declined from their mid-pandemic peak, used car prices are still sky-high. That means your car is worth more than ever on the secondary market. However, if your car’s engine isn’t in good shape, don’t count on being able to sell it for much if you decide you’d like a new car. When a potential buyer brings your car to a mechanic to see its worth, they’ll know if you’ve neglected your engine. Then the buyer will either insist that you cut your asking price, or they’ll just move on. Trust us—we’ve seen it in our shop countless times.

Contact APA Total Car Care for Preventative Maintenance and Auto Repair in Queen Creek AZ 

At APA Total Car Care, we are the leading center for preventative maintenance and auto repair in Queen Creek AZ. We offer a full range of auto repair services, including engine replacement as a last resort. Fortunately, there are several simple steps you can take today to protect your vehicle and your wallet. These services are centered around having regular engine tune ups based on the manufacturer’s suggested intervals. Don’t wait for your engine to show you the folly of your untuned ways. Trust your vehicle to the experts at APA Total Car Care in Queen Creek AZ. 

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