The Fantastic 4 Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Purchasing a vehicle is the second largest purchase that most of us will make in Gilbert AZ. However, it’s much more than a single purchase. Your vehicle is likely to assure you the ability to earn a living, it’s a source of pleasure, and can be a priceless place of solitude. Because of this, it’s imperative to protect your investment and take the preventive steps you need to maximize the ROI and ensure it lasts for several years to come.

While changing your vehicle’s oil is the most basic and common type of factory recommended maintenance, other preventative car maintenance services include:

  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Transmission inspection
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tire rotation and balance
  • Change of air filters and fuel filters.

Make sure to speak to your mechanic in Gilbert AZ for personalized suggestions on how often you should have certain maintenance services. And when you do have car maintenance, you’ll open the door to the following benefits of preventative maintenance in Gilbert AZ.

Preventative Maintenance in Gilbert AZ Can Save You Money

Many significant automotive repairs are caused by the owner’s oversight or neglect. In most instances, major problems like engine failure or transmission failure could’ve been prevented with regular car maintenance and upkeep. Maintenance services like engine fluid replacement, coolant exchange, and oil changes are all paramount to protecting your vehicle and saving you the expense of major repairs. If you fail to have the necessary factory recommended maintenance and preventative maintenance, you’ll spend exponentially more on exhaustive repairs.

Car Maintenance Can Give You An Added Peace of Mind

Few things are worse than driving on “may pops” or a vehicle that is likely to leave you stranded on the side of the road in Gilbert AZ. However, if you fail to have proper preventative maintenance this may be the exact scenario you’re cruising into.

For example, if you fail to have wheel alignments, tire rotations, and tire services, you may be more likely to have a blowout or flat tire. Why? Because during these preventative services, your vehicle and tires will be inspected. This means the mechanic would’ve noticed the bulge in your tire and alerted you that it wasn’t safe to drive on in Gilbert AZ.

Improve Your MPGs & Fuel Efficiency

Today, it’s more important than ever to find easy and realistic ways to reduce your fuel consumption and gas bill. One way you can do just that is to have the necessary factory recommended maintenance and preventative maintenance. Having key services like tire rotation and oil change can bolster your MPGs by up to three miles a gallon. This is due to the fact that a properly maintained and functioning automobile will not have to work as hard to perform basic functions, which leads to real efficiency gains.

Your Loved One’s Safety Is Priceless

When it comes to your vehicle, you have too much riding around in it to take unnecessary chances. Simply put, poorly maintained vehicles are more likely to be less safe. For instance, if your vehicle has a blowout while driving, you could spin out of control and run into other drivers, pedestrians, and/or objects. Another example is if your wheels are out of alignment or you need preventative suspension service, it could hinder your ability to make defensive maneuvers.

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