Help! My Engine Is Overheating… What Should I Do?

Things are heating up! As summer temperatures wreak havoc on us all, take a second to think about your vehicle. While outside June temperatures in Arizona can quickly climb to 103 degrees F, the normal operating range under the hood can be around 220 degrees F. 

All systems designed to create an ideal working environment should work appropriately with such extenuating circumstances. In short, your cooling system must do its job. If not, you’re likely to be stuck on the side of the road with an overheated engine in Gilbert, AZ and Queen Creek, AZ. 

All is not lost. The experts at APA Total Car Care have outlined a few simple things you can take if you find yourself with an overheating engine. Let’s look at them, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

Why Is My Engine Overheating? 

What to do with Engine Overheating | Ace Performance Auto in Gilbert, AZ & Queen Creek, AZ. Image of a frustrated young woman looking at the overheated engine of her car on the road.

Engines overheat for many reasons, but most causes are cooling system problems. The radiator and cooling system are tasked with the monumental task of moving heat away from your engine. If the cooling system has blockages, leaks, or faulty components, you’re in the fast lane for an overheated engine.

You can prevent engine overheating by having regular preventative maintenance in Gilbert, AZ and Queen Creek, AZ. Our mechanics at APA Total Car Care will carefully inspect fans, hoses, oil levels, coolant levels, the thermostat, and other components in your cooling system. 

If a problem is detected, we can offer you a fast and affordable repair solution that trumps being stuck on the side of the road. At the same time, our preventative maintenance solutions are exponentially more cost-effective than having to replace the entire engine.

How Do I Know My Engine Is Overheating? 

Even though every vehicle may be unique, there are a few common, tell-tale signs that you may be experiencing an engine overheating.

  • Do you see steam coming from under the hood? One of the most noticeable signs of engine overheating is steam emanating from under your hood.
  • Do you smell strange scents? If you smell a strange or a sweet smell from under your hood, it could be a coolant leak and a precursor to your engine overheating.
  • What does the temperature gauge say? Whether you’re in Gilbert, AZ or Queen Creek, AZ, the engine temperature gauge would never spike to “H” or foray into the red area of the gauge. If it does, you’re speeding toward engine overheating.

What To Do If My Engine is Overheating?

If your engine is overheating, you can take a few simple steps to potentially remedy the situation long enough to get your vehicle to APA Total Car Care. 

Turn Your Heater On.

While this may not make sense, activating the heater can pull heat away from your engine. This will reduce the burden on your cooling system. 

Some drivers in Gilbert, AZ and Queen Creek, AZ have used this tip to reverse it. You’ll know it’s working if and when the temperature gauge moves down to the neutral position or if the warning light goes off.

Stop. Pause. Assess.

If your vehicle continues to overheat even with the heater on, it’s best to pull over and turn the engine off. Doing so may allow the engine to cool down. However, if you’ve reached this point, it’s best to contact the professionals at APA Total Car Care.

Should I Add Coolant to an Engine Overheating?

Yes, you should, if you are comfortable doing so. After you have waited for about 20 minutes and your hood has cooled, consider adding coolant to the radiator. 

However, practice extreme caution because you deal with immense amounts of pressure and heat. If you’ve never removed the radiator cap, it may be best to reach out to APA Total Car Care for assistance.

Contact APA Total Car Care in Queen Creek, AZ and Gilbert, AZ

If your engine is overheating, don’t sweat it! Simply contact the experienced pros at APA Total Car Care. If you aren’t comfortable driving through Gilbert, AZ or Queen Creek, AZ, we can set up towing transportation.

We offer an array of fast and affordable solutions designed to repair overheating engines and faulty cooling systems. We have the experience working with all makes and models, including imports and European.

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