When to Make Auto Repair in Gilbert, AZ a Top Priority

Many car problems make themselves rather obvious as major parts start to fail. But, it’s often a huge mistake to wait that long before getting repairs. You’ll likely spend more money than you would have if the problem were caught early. Plus, you’ll have to potentially come to the shop at an inconvenient time or even get stranded on the side of the road. To avoid all that, turn down your radio for at least a few minutes per drive to listen and feel for the following signs that it’s time for auto repair in Gilbert, AZ.

Upon Hearing Bad Noises from the Engine Bay

When to Make Auto Repair in Gilbert, AZ a Top Priority with Ace Performance Automotive, image of technician at the shop working on Torco street car in shop bay

If you listen closely to your engine regularly, you get to know all its healthy noises. From there, it’s easy to tell if any potentially harmful noises join the chorus, so you can let your mechanic know right at the start of the problem. Your auto tech can then let you know if you need to bring your vehicle in for auto repair.

When it comes to keeping your engine in excellent condition, any new noises are always worth investigating. A hissing noise, for example, could occur due to cooling system leaks, while a whirring noise might indicate the water pump is on the way out. Either way, noticing the noises helps you get minor issues fixed before your motor overheats, saving you from a blown head gasket or even the need for an engine replacement and any other major auto repair.

If Your Suspension or Steering Feels Less Than Stable

Your steering and suspension work together to keep your car handling at its best and feeling steady overall on driving surfaces. Each time you take a moment to feel your car through the seat and steering wheel, you get to know how it should feel when in proper working order.

You can then quickly notice the most common signs of steering or suspension problems, such as:

  • Pulling to one side
  • Hitting bumps hard
  • Squatting with acceleration
  • Leaning too much while cornering
  • Excessive vibration

Without prompt repairs, all these problems can leave your car feeling unstable, potentially putting you at risk of an accident. So, always report them to your auto tech to stay safe on the road as soon as you notice them.

Whenever Your Brakes or Tires Start to Act Up 

Your brakes and tires work overtime to keep your car moving and stopping as expected. So, be sure to give back by tuning in to see how they are doing every time you hit the road. Any changes in how your brakes feel are a red flag, as is squealing, clicking, and other new sounds.

As for your tires, keep them inflated to the proper pressure level and visually inspect them once you arrive at your destination. If you notice any signs of damage, such as cracks, bulges, and excessive wear, it’s time to get on over to our auto repair shop for service.

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