Land Rover service and repair

The professional mechanics at Ace Performance Automotive have many years of experience in working on all aspects of Land Rovers and other luxury vehicles. Whether you need regular maintenance or extensive repairs, you can feel comfortable trusting your vehicle to us. We’ll treat it as we would our own vehicles – with top-notch care and quality OE and OEM parts.

Land Rover Factory Recommended Maintenance

Your owner’s manual will tell you when you should have regular service, including oil changes, transmission fluid changes and flushes, radiator flushes, air and fuel filter changes, and more. However, if you drive your vehicle in adverse conditions, such as the Phoenix area’s heat or in the mountains, you might need to perform some maintenance services more often.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your Land Rover. Getting many trouble-free miles from your car requires staying on top of maintenance and fixing little issues before they become big problems.

A white range rover raised up without tires

Common Repairs

Land Rovers have their issues, just as any other vehicle does. Some of the more common repairs we make include:

  • Differential repairs
  • Oil leak repairs
  • Head gasket replacement
  • Heater core replacement
  • Air suspension diagnosis and repair

Diagnostic Tools

Land Rovers aren’t your basic “run of the mill” automobiles. They require specialized diagnostic tools and the knowledge of the vehicle’s systems. At Ace Performance Automotive, we have factory level diagnostic tools and our technicians receive ongoing training that keeps them up-to-date on the European luxury brands. Many shops won’t touch a Land Rover. We welcome them.

Contact Ace Performance Automotive

Whether you need service, minor repairs, such as brakes, or complex repairs, such as engine repairs, contact Ace Performance Automotive to schedule an appointment. You can stop by, call us, or use our online appointment scheduling app to schedule an appointment.