Engine & Transmission Replacement Services

When you keep up with the maintenance and do repairs as soon as possible on your vehicle, you could end up driving it until it has over 400,000 miles on it. Engine & transmission replacement is something you may need to start thinking about. Once an engine gets that many miles, the internal components are worn beyond their reasonable lifespan and you may notice that the vehicle doesn’t have the power it once had. 

If you really love the car, you can replace the engine. The same goes for transmissions, though they usually don’t last quite as long as engines. Replacing an engine, transmission, or even both, is much less expensive than buying a new car. The ASE Certified mechanic working on your car is fully capable of performing a number of repair services, as well as replacing the engine in your front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or even mid-engine vehicle.

Engine Replacement Services in a Daily Driver

Some people might use this as an excuse to buy a new car. Others would rather not have that monthly car payment. Sometimes, your finances dictate that the timing is not right to buy a new car. The main thing to know is you have other options. We can replace the engine with a Jasper rebuilt engine or a brand new crate motor.

Engine & Transmission Replacement at Ace Performance, Gilbert, Az.; An engine sitting on-top of equipment, waiting to be repaired

Transmission Replacement Services

If you need a transmission, we can get a Jasper rebuilt transmission or we can get a brand-new factory transmission. Both options are much cheaper than buying a new car — and it won’t take us that long to get you back on the road again.

Custom Engine & Transmission Replacement Services

If you have a hotrod, we can also replace the engines with crate motors of your choice or a Jasper racing engine. Whether you want a crate motor from the dealership because you want a bigger engine or want to drop a Jasper, Ed Pink or a Keith Black engine in your hotrod, we can hook you up.

We recommend that if you decide to go nuts and put a Keith Black in your hotrod, you consider putting a performance built transmission behind it – and the suspension to handle all that power. Roll bars and wheelie bars are also a good idea and help keep you out of trouble. Though once you go that far, you might not be able to drive it on the street. If you plan on driving your hotrod on the street, you might want to tone it down – just a tad.

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