How Can I mAKE My Car Last Longer?

Your car gets you to all your most important daily activities, including appointments, school events, and everything in between. And it does it all without complaint and while asking for nothing in return. But there is a way to give back to your loyal ride anyway and ensure that it lasts far longer than you’ve ever expected: regular maintenance. By making its maintenance needs your top priority, you can keep your car running right for the long term. Here’s four simple things you need to do to make that happen.

Follow Vehicle Service and Maintenance Intervals

When it comes to figuring out just when to complete each maintenance task, you can look to your car’s manufacturer for the ideal service intervals. These intervals tell you how often to complete regular maintenance, like oil changes and coolant flushes. They also let you know how often to change your timing belt, spark plugs, and so much more. By following those intervals, you can keep your car in great condition while getting the most out of every service.

Woman talking on the phone in front of her car; How can I make my car last longer?

Always Use Quality Replacement Parts

Using quality replacement parts for every service is just as important as doing all your vehicle maintenance on a strict schedule. Quality parts meet or exceed OEM standards to ensure that they stand up to the demands of running your car. Your commitment to using the best components possible reduces the risk of part failure and allows you to continue on all your travels. If you’re not sure which parts are the best, you can just ask your auto techs for their recommendations.

Use the Right Fluids

Just like parts, not all automotive fluids are made equal. To get the best of the best, you need Valvoline Professional Series products on your side. When your technicians use these products to service your vehicle, you know that they will withstand anything your travels can throw at them.

To show that their products are the highest quality, Valvoline covers each one with a protective warranty. If you start their service plan before your car hits 50,000 miles, they’ll provide you with up to $4,000 worth of coverage. Even cars with 125,000 to 150,000 miles get $500 in coverage just in case anything goes awry.

Check Your Car Often – and Report Any Problems to Your Tech

Even while following a strict maintenance schedule, using quality parts, and filling up with the best fluids, it’s still necessary to keep a close eye on your vehicle. For starters, check your oil, coolant, and other fluids every week to make sure they are at the ideal level. If not, top off the fluid and take note of the consumption rate.

In addition, look your car over from nose to tail before every drive. Then, turn down your radio and listen to your car for at least five minutes on each drive, so you can see if there are any changes. If anything seems amiss, let your technician know and they will inspect your vehicle for problems. You can also come in to see us at APA Total Car Care in Gilbert AZ anytime you want to talk about your vehicle service and maintenance needs. We are happy to help you figure out the best way to care for your car and keep it running strong for longer than you’ve ever imagined.